That’s Not on the Shopping List

In our home I’m responsible for most of the household duties. That’s not to say that my husband doesn’t chip in and help out but the reality is he’s lending a hand more than owning the job.

I find it most interesting when my husband helps out with the grocery shop. My somewhat vague shopping lists are often filled with brands I’ve never purchased in much smaller, or sometimes much larger quantities than I intended. Like the recent 10 kilo bag of Riviana Basmati rice proudly purchased with the handful of essentials I’d run out of. And inevitably there is something included that definitely wasn’t on the list….usually something sweet….to be consumed by the man of the house well after I’ve gone to bed.

When unpacking the most recent man-shop I came across a box of chocolates. I figured they were purchased for late night snacking but, NO, I was informed they were a gift for me. Not to share…just for me!


I don’t know when I last had a box of chocolates, complete with little pictures and descriptions to help in making the next selection. Yum and fun! If you haven’t had a box of chocolates all to yourself recently go out tomorrow and get one. I wonder which one I should have next!

One Pack of Organic Lamb, Please

Rachel, from Spinnering, recently added a post about Silverwood Organics lamb. I couldn’t resist the idea of a pack of organic lamb delivered to my door direct from the farm South East of Longreach so I ordered my pack today and I’m counting down to Monday 25th October when I’ll receive my 20 kilos of fresh, organic lamb. If you’d like a delivery on the 25th too, place your order on Silverwood’s website before 15th October. They have half packs if 20 kilos sounds a bit much for you!

First thing I’ll be making when my lamb arrives is David Pugh’s Rack of Lamb with roast organic vegetables and lamb sauce.

Turns out David (from the beautiful Restaurant II) buys his lamb from Silverwood Organics too.

Planning for the Week Ahead

I love to cook. And lately, I love to be spontaneous. But this spontaneity is costing me a lot of time and money at the supermarket as I whip out to pick up the essential ingredients for the latest dinner creation. So – I’ve decided this week to get back on track and plan my menu for the week before I hit the shops. 

I have a Menu Planner that I created some time back and kept tweaking until it was just right for me. It starts on a Saturday, includes all meals on the weekend (just dinners during the week) and incorporates a shopping list so I am only buying what I know we need. Because I always cook from a recipe I’ve also included a place to record the book or website that it came from.

I have also created a version of this that works from Monday to Sunday. If you’d like to try my menu planner I’d love to hear what you think. Does this work for you? How would you change it to make it fit your life better?

Finally – here’s my scrawled completed version of the Menu Planner & Shopping List (and a heads up on what will be appearing in ‘What’s for Dinner’) for this week.