Lamingtons & Meat Pies

I couldn’t settle for just Iced Vo-Vos on Australia Day! We simply had to have Lamingtons too!


I used a bit of a cheats recipe…again…using store bought cake. I blamed the wet weather for not making my own sponge. I figured it would sink if I tried to make it myself. This recipe was fantastic!

I cut the cake into little squares and then dipped it in the chocolate icing mix. I used a little less water than specified in the recipe as I thought it would be a little too runny.


I then rolled the cake in coconut.




Next on the list…meat pies. These little beauties were baked in large muffin pans.


I used this recipe. Whilst it does take quite a lot of time for the delicious chunky beef filling to simmer away, the wait is well worth it.


Once the simmering is done the filling is spooned into the pastry before baking in the oven.


A good old fashioned Aussie meat pie.


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