Back to School Book Labels

Well…it’s nearly time for the boys to return to school so this weekend has been consumed covering what seems like an endless supply of exercise books, project books and texts. I’m sure I didn’t go to year 1 or year 4 with as many books as I’ve covered for my boys this weekend! Of course I have no idea what each book will be used for so I created some labels for the front of each of their books with their name and a space for the subject to be written.



Do you remember when the weekend paper would include these ‘back to school’ labels as the return to school drew near? I can’t even find then in the shops now.

If you need some labels like these they are quite easy to create in Word. You just need to insert a table 2 columns by 5 rows. You can then chose a picture. I searched in Google Images for a something to match the paper the boys chose. You can then choose a font and insert your child’s name and include a space for the subject. Here’s the template I created for Will’s and for Hamish’s.

Finally I printed these on Avery sticker paper. Once the teacher has written the subjects on each book I’m going to stick some contact over the label to ensure it stays clean and legible. My printer is a bubble jet so any moisture on the label will cause the image to run. I’m so glad to see the back of covering school books!

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