Time for a Change

More than anything I like to create and reinvent. It’s why I prefer to sew than shop when I need a new outfit. It’s why I prefer to make new throw-cushions, tablecloths and fitted-covers for my lounge than buying new soft furnishings. At a time when my work life is dominating and leaving very little spare time for creating I’m dreaming of a home make-over, a switch around, a new fresh look. Today I kick-started this project with a new look for my occasional chairs in my formal lounge room. 

They went from this….

To this….

But this is just the start.  As soon as my big work project is complete I’m ‘de-formalising’ the lounge room to create a more inviting, useable space. Until then I’ll squeeze in creating what I can with any spare time I might have.

2 thoughts on “Time for a Change

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