My 100th Post

For the last 100 days, every day, I have shared with you something I have created. I’ve baked cakes and biscuits, birthday cakes, a caravan cake, spider cupcakes, bones and fruit cakes; cooked and eaten my way through Jill Dupleix’s ‘Totally Simple Food’; I’ve made long dresses, short dresses, party dresses, jumpsuits, tops, cushions, costumes, bags, blankets, tablecloths and christmas decorations; I’ve tried to stay fit and tried to be healthy; I’ve posted my favourite recipes and ‘what’s for dinner’ each evening; I’ve created fun things to do with my family; I’ve shared the life that I live and the life that I love.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey so far.  Thank you for following along!

xxx ooo

7 thoughts on “My 100th Post

  1. thanks so much Lisa and even though I do not alway comment I do have them all saved in a folder should I great creative, need a new recipe, or something to cook for dinner, I always know where to go. Josie XXOO

  2. Congratulations! Great achievement and it’s been wonderful to follow your creative activities. Looking forward to the next 100. Al xxxx

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I’ve really enjoyed your blog because you’ve taken me on that journey with you! You’ve inspired me to try some of your fabulous tips and recipes along the way.You’ve amazed me with your creative design and flair and the speed with which you do these wonderful things! I’ve even found myself feeling guilty and envious at times, of how you’ve found the time to fit in all these wonderful things around your job, your busy life and your family! But most of all I’ve loved having a little window into your world.
    Thank you for making my life so much richer by sharing yours!
    Love your friend,

    • Katy – that is so very sweet of you! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed some of the stories of the things I get up to. Please don’t feel guilty or envious…I think you would be surprised at just how much you also fit into your life. Maybe you should start a Blog showcasing your amazing scrapbooking skills. Now that’s a talent that I certainly don’t have! Thank you for following along and I hope I can continue to provide inspiration over the next 100 days.

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