A Scarecrow

‘Boo to you, crows!’

So – do you want to know how to make a scarecrow?

First I scouted around to find a suitable outfit: an old business shirt of John’s, some maternity pants of mine, a pair of kids gardening gloves that were too small and a Sunday Mail Australia Day hat. Then I got a pile of newspaper to stuff into the clothes, an old pillowcase for the head, some felt to make shapes for the face and some wool for the hair.

Then I got the boys to start scrunching up newspaper.

Next – the head.  I filled the top half of an old pillow case with newspaper and tied it closed with some twine.

I cut out some felt shapes and used spray adhesive to make eyes, eyebrows and a nose for the scarecrow. I used some embroidery thread to make a smile. The boys thought I should make the face look a little more mean to ensure it scared the crows.

I then made some hair with yellow wool. I wound the wool around my fingers seven or eight times. Then tied the top together with another piece of wool, then cut the bottom to make strands of hair. I did this eight times to create a little bit of hair on either side of his head. If you want hair all the way around you just need to keep repeating this process. 


I sewed the wool hair to the hat.

Then the hat to his head.

I put an old broomstick through one leg of his trousers and up his body then started stuffing the clothes with newspapers.  Once the legs were full I tied the bottom of the trousers with elastic. I put another stick through the arms of the shirt and tied the wrists of the shirt with elastic when the body and arms were fully stuffed with newspaper.

I then sewed the pants and top together.

And stuffed the gloves with newspaper and poked them on to the end of the stick. I attached them around the wrist with elastic. 

Then my scarecrow was complete.  From here you just need to stand him up in your garden. I tied him to the fence but you can just as easily hammer a big post into the ground and tie your scarecrow to that.

One Happy Vegetable Garden

My veges are happy and growing! With all of the rain and the odd day of sunshine in Brisbane over the last couple of weeks they are absolutely thriving.

Is your garden looking happy too?

A Vegetable and Herb Garden

My vegetable patch has been neglected since last summer so since last weekend I’ve been tidying it up a little and starting to replant.  With all the rain we’ve had in Brisbane this week followed by a very warm weekend the little bit of work that I did last weekend sprinkling some rocket seeds and planting some tomatoes, lettuce and herbs was well timed.

Today I finished off the garden spreading some sugar cane mulch and fertilizing the plants.

We’ve got…

I’m looking forward to adding all of these delicious veges and herbs to our dinner in the coming months. I’m going to be showering them with love and organic fertilizer.